Jul. 14th, 2007 01:45 pm
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I had nothing to do with this. I let my brother Erik use the camera while we were sitting in the gardens of Kenmore House and he did this to me. :-P More of Erik's photos & a photo of Erik after the cut )
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RIP: Jasper's Car
Most of you know by now that Jasper was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. We went this week to get his stuff out of the car so I took a few photos. more car destruction )
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From the semi-wild rose bush that attempts to take over the honeysuckle's space on the fence in my parents' yard every year. Nothing like pictures of the yard you were a kid in to make you miss your family.
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No large - apparently I was dumb and took everything in 640x480 back in the day.

I actually haven't been that Gettysburg-sick in a while, but then I had to go look at old photos.
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landscape: ...and the moon
Spent a while today browsing the photo archives on my computer, to come up with the final list of photos-to-be-uploaded. I have slightly over 3000 photos on my computer, taken in the last 5 years. I'm also missing a chunk of photos that disappeared when my external drive crashed. I used to burn every set of photos to cd as backup too, but somehow I missed that set. Still sad about that.

another in here )
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Late Afternoon Light & Shade 3

Still from Saturday. I love this time of year.

another one in here )


Jun. 17th, 2007 07:22 pm
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From yesterday when I was shooting the patio. The spiderweb was above and just behind me when I took the chairs shot. It's actually quite impressively huge.
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A Portrait of Chairs

A couple of pale blue chairs gossip away the afternoon as the sun lowers and the light lengthens. Their talk is lazy and inconsequential, comments on the chirping birds and new neighbors and the crazy girl with the camera on the edge of the patio. It's summer break, and soon they'll feel the imprint of human weight, but for now they have a quiet moment to themselves.

Some more after the break. )

Seeing Red

Jun. 14th, 2007 06:02 pm
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Seeing Red 2

Our SCA-parents' neighbor's fence. (The proliferation of shots from last fall is mostly because I'm catching up on uploads since I stopped having free time.)
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Traffic Lights

On the way home from work, last fall. I pass that set of lights constantly.
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On The Road Again

Heading home (Virginia) from the place I went to college, which I still call home. (From last fall.)
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Angles and Ripples

From last year, but the light's been doing this again in the afternoons lately.
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Fall Yard

Missed 3 days, I know. Have an oldie-but-goodie.
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*sssshh* She's Sleeping

She used to sleep behind my laptop screen, but the new monitor fills that space, so she's made a new one. Unfortunately, this one involves her shedding all over my keyboard.
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Stormy Skies

Lots of clouds today, but not more than a few drops of rain despite the look of things.
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Jasper & Jay

We took a trip to DC in early April ([ profile] jadealiya was there too) that was tons of fun. I love this particular shot out of all of them because it so perfectly captures the boys. Bored in line? Lets play multiplayer games against each other on our PSPs!
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Sleeping Tessa
Originally uploaded by peneli.

Started uploading to flickr again, finally. It's so nice to have a computer that can actually handle doing anything at all, lol. Isn't my cat cute?
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