Seeing Red

Jun. 14th, 2007 06:02 pm
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Seeing Red 2

Our SCA-parents' neighbor's fence. (The proliferation of shots from last fall is mostly because I'm catching up on uploads since I stopped having free time.)
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Traffic Lights

On the way home from work, last fall. I pass that set of lights constantly.
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On The Road Again

Heading home (Virginia) from the place I went to college, which I still call home. (From last fall.)
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Angles and Ripples

From last year, but the light's been doing this again in the afternoons lately.
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Fall Yard

Missed 3 days, I know. Have an oldie-but-goodie.
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*sssshh* She's Sleeping

She used to sleep behind my laptop screen, but the new monitor fills that space, so she's made a new one. Unfortunately, this one involves her shedding all over my keyboard.
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Stormy Skies

Lots of clouds today, but not more than a few drops of rain despite the look of things.
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Jasper & Jay

We took a trip to DC in early April ([ profile] jadealiya was there too) that was tons of fun. I love this particular shot out of all of them because it so perfectly captures the boys. Bored in line? Lets play multiplayer games against each other on our PSPs!
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Sleeping Tessa
Originally uploaded by peneli.

Started uploading to flickr again, finally. It's so nice to have a computer that can actually handle doing anything at all, lol. Isn't my cat cute?


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