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Spent a while today browsing the photo archives on my computer, to come up with the final list of photos-to-be-uploaded. I have slightly over 3000 photos on my computer, taken in the last 5 years. I'm also missing a chunk of photos that disappeared when my external drive crashed. I used to burn every set of photos to cd as backup too, but somehow I missed that set. Still sad about that.

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Expect some oldies-but-goodies to pop up over the next few weeks as I face the daunting task of uploading the archives. I narrowed it down to 100 good shots that hadn't been uploaded (there are 400 or so up on flickr already) plus another 200 of old con and college silliness photos some of you should be seeing soon. Did I mention I have photos of such fine events as the Casablanca Inaugural Dinner and the Reign of the Toilet King? Oh, some funny stuff there in the archives.

This, of course, doesn't even address the box of printed-from-film photos from the last many years. Still things in there I want to scan and/or put in albums. I was talking to a friend today who was amazed by the number of photos on my computer. I should have said "that's nothing, you should see my box." I did start this whole photography obsession with a camera I won in a contest in something like second grade.
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