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A Portrait of Chairs

A couple of pale blue chairs gossip away the afternoon as the sun lowers and the light lengthens. Their talk is lazy and inconsequential, comments on the chirping birds and new neighbors and the crazy girl with the camera on the edge of the patio. It's summer break, and soon they'll feel the imprint of human weight, but for now they have a quiet moment to themselves.

Please, Sit

Took a few minutes this evening to enjoy the long rays of sunlight on our patio. Haven't been leaving the house much, this first week of vacation, although we did head out to help a friend move furniture into her new apartment at one point. Otherwise, though, I've been mostly as perfect a picture of relaxation as these chairs.

No, that's a lie. I've been lazing around reading and playing WoW with J when he's home a lot, but there's also been daily spurts of cleaning and organizing the apartment, exercising, and fretting about bills. Still, mostly I'm relaxed. really.

PS: I only post a couple of the shots I upload each time here. Be sure to click-through the photos and poke around my recently added stuff in flickr if you like what you see here. :)


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