Aug. 1st, 2010

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So after I finished grad school on July 1st, things got busy. That weekend we went up to Maryland to hang out for the 4th with the crowd. There was marathoning of Star Wars and playing Star Wars d6 RPG. It was dork-tacular.

We drove straight from MD to Jasper's class on Tuesday (7/6) and I spent the day helping him finish putting my engine together and in the car. It was 109 degress outside, and the shop wasn't air-conditioned. Still, I got to be there when the last year of work on my car came together with the engine back in for the first time since January.
His name is Njord
My car, that I hadn't been able to drive in two and a half years.

Wednesday was spent packing and Thursday I hopped on the metro back to Maryland for the epic Dork Vacation.

I was going to write it up, but I'm lazy and I already did some write up on flickr. There was gaming, hiking, swimming, more gaming, more hiking and general nerdery. It wasn't 100 degrees out any day that week. It was awesome. Vermont Trip set on Flickr.

Lye Falls
One of the waterfalls we hiked to.

When I finally got back to VA on Monday the 19th, Jasper picked me up from the metro station in my car. He'd spent the whole week I was up north getting it running. My car works! :) :) :)

The rest of last week was full of doctors appointments, hair cuts, cleaning and reorganizing and so on. Then my family (well, mom, dad and 2/4 brothers) got here and hung out for a week. It was pretty nice.  Monday we hung out and then Tuesday & Wednesday we went to West Virginia to the Cass Scenic Railroad (takes you to flickr again) which was cool. The rest of the week was mostly lazy hang outs, board games and the boys playing Monster Hunter. They left this evening.

ze. Shays #6
One of the trains at Cass.

Now I have two weeks until work starts for my 6th year. Summer has gone by fast!


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